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This is Great But.....

I've seen this all before, probably about 200 times. Don't get me wrong, the animation is smooth, fluid, and looks great, probably best fight scenes I've seen in a while, but isn't this just Madness with bunnies? And isn't Madness just Xiao Xiao With Midgets? It's a vicious circle that needs something new.

Props for taking it as far as you have, hence the 7.
But movies like this leave me thirsty for your potential to be used elsewhere.
Thank you.

Mottis responds:

I am fully aware that I could do much "more" and it pains me that I simply find no enjoyment in doing anything "more".
I've started several projects that are more story oriented but it was boring as hell, and I suck at drawing backgrounds that arent in full 2d. I also suck at creating good characters (that can talk, that is)

Some day maybe, but for now I want to do what I enjoy doing most; fighting choreography.

So So

It had some rough spots, Cutting out of the good frame by frame kinda killed it for me, then when the person too the photo with the phone his hand was where the camera should be, which bugged me.
overall it was good though, for 48 hours at least.

The animation was good

But the story was poorly developed and kind of cliche. Demons, people kill demons, demons steal souls, Its all been done.
but a 7 for animation definitely.

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but when I attempted hard mode.....I wanted to take my computer and shove it so far up "Mr. Beautiful's" ass he'd feel like he just got raped by his tennishoe wearing horse....I'm pissed.

but the game is beautiful

good tut

you dont have to wait until its on the internet to test it though
you can actually just test the movie (view the swf while still in flash)
and click View>Simulate Download
that should do the trick and save some time and a little space on your computer as well

PARAGON-pvp responds:

My computer does not contain one single flash file I haven't done any of this shit since i was like 13. And yet people complain as if I'm this shit now. But hey if complaining about a dated tutorial is your thing then sweet lets fuck? I'll bring the chocolate and ball bearings.

Amazing tutorial

you did a great job but for some reason the Player code just doesn't work, I'm still a little new with AS2 (if thats what this is in) so that might be my problem.
But thank you for putting this out.

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well since you aren't

may I animate it?


I knew you were going to remake my song, but I didnt know you were going to make it this awesome.
Im floored man
Thank you

vago187 responds:

NO, thank pants... and everyone wearing them... and you... and Gebus... and drugs... good ones


I just chucked it up to 3.99 :D
I'm so using this again...

Lord-of-emus15 responds:

well thanks!

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Pretty sweet

I like all of it, except for the neck, it needs to be waaaaay thinner.
but that be all lol
really great drawing

Great line work

the line work on this is wonderful.
oh the line of, "is she attractive?"
yes, but she looks like she has a stash...

Lines, Proportion, Time

You didn't focus on ANY of those, Your lines are bad, your proportions resemble nothing of the original, and you probably did this in about 10 minutes......rather than taking your time and finishing a good piece.

sorry to be harsh,
nice try man

TheStudious13th responds:

Ah, you know this thing soo well. |=D

Hop aboard the Choo CHoo! Train :D

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